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Boutt Hydrology Group

Principal Investigator Dr. David Boutt leads a research group that seeks to improve the understanding of hydrogeologic systems through intergrated fieldwork, modeling, and remote sensing


Current research program focuses on understanding the role of groundwater in catchment-scale hydrologic processes. This involves delineating the contribution of groundwater storage to stream flow generation, spring discharge, and hydrologic budgets. Much of the research group's current work is focused on the hydrogeology of salar and brine systems in northern Chile and Argentina and in the Great Basin of the western United States.

Latest Publications

Relic Groundwater and Prolonged Drought Confound Interpretations of Water Sustainability and Lithium Extraction in Arid Lands

Lithium is a critical resource for the green energy transition as the primary component in lithium-ion batteries. Most of the planet's resources occur in water-scarce environments, like Salar de Atacama, Chile where almost half the world's supply exists.

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