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One-year Professional M.S. program in Applied Hydrogeology

Course based M.S. degree designed for professional application of hydrogeologic techniques applicable to consulting, environmental remediation, geotechnical engineering, and many other fields.


The Professional Masters in Hydrogeology is intended to provide:

  1. Additional education for working professionals in hydrogeology as it applies to problems relating to water and the environment.

  2. Opportunity for UMass-Amherst or Five-college undergraduates to obtain, as part of a fifth year of study, a Master’s degree in addition to the Bachelor’s degree.


This is a non-thesis Master’s degree program administered by the department of Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences. It is intended to be completed by individuals already holding undergraduate or advanced degrees and who are interested in a graduate program that does not have the traditional research requirement. The program consists primarily of coursework in geohydrology and allied fields with an emphasis on environmental applications. No research is required though the program does allow for independent study, professional development, internship, and cooperative experience.

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